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First camera invented p.2

Some more of camera’s history. The camera as a device has been known to man well before the middle ages; the earliest known mention being by the Arab mathematician Ibn Al-Haytham who is credited as being the first person to have built a model closely resembling the pinhole camera. The principles of optics and physics (light) have been known even further back with mention of it being found in the Greek period by Aristotle.

Who was the first photographer? New suggestions

May be Caravaggio was? Revered as the baroque master of lifelike portraits and light and shadow,caravaggio-the first photographer this famous 16th-century painter is now being touted as the first master of photographic technique, two centuries before the formal invention of the camera.

First camera invented

If we talk about the first camera invented in the terms of strict institutionalized rights, the inventor was american Alexander Wolcott. He patented the camera of his own design in 1840. His camera could create candid photos which did not fade away with time. And it was Alexander Wolcott, who opened the earliest photography shop in USA. But much earlier two Frenchmen Charles and Vincent Chevalier from Paris had invented the camera which could actually produce shots. The first photo were made with their invention in 1826 by another frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Other facts are not less intriguing...

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